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"Great company! Awesome move! I would like to thank you guys for the move. It was great and I had fun. The movers were well-mannered, hard working and as they arrived on time they started to work as soon as they got there. They transaction with my payment went well and all the details about it were given to me. I was made aware of the process of the move. The movers have positive attitude and most hard working! I’m surprised of the quality of their work, it’s above average. I would like to call you guys again if ever I need your help."

James, 32, LA

"The service of this company is of high quality. When you do business with them you’ll see. From the start of the transaction, to the move, to the post move service, all are good! These kinds of movers should have bigger price rates! The quality of service you offer is just incredible. I would rather pay big to avail that kind of service than to pay minimal yet my things are damaged. But the difference with your company is that you have great services, high quality of work but the price rates you have are very affordable and the quotations you give are all accurate. They are professionals with expertise in moving and the movers they have are polite and diligent. Thank you for the wonderful service and move. They do care about the client’s side of the move. It’s nice to work with them."

Alex, 30, LA

"My husband and I had purchased our first home so we needed a company to move all of our stuff from the rental house to our new home. I contacted Metropolitan Movers and they were extremely professional and courteous. On moving day, they were prompt and friendly. They had no issues moving all of our things including a large tube TV, sectional sofa, and appliances. Not a single item had any damage in moving. Metropolitan Movers were quick, friendly, and professional. I highly recommend them."

Chelsea Atkins, LA

"Living and working in LA is great, but moving in traffic I don't even like to drive in made me uneasy. And then there is the packing, stacking, transport, and I had enough on my plate to focus on. Then I found Metropolitan Movers. The staff made it easy to understand my options and help me move at a price I could afford. The best part is that I didn't have to drive the moving truck on the 101! If you have to move, you should give them a call. I was glad I did. Thanks!"

Adam Leffler, LA

"Really so supportive place who is capable to deal with clients so nicely. These guys are awesome, no doubt. Hats off to their timeliness, stamina, efforts and way of moving the goods safely. This crew moved everything from my duplex home to my new place right on time with so ease. Such a speedy service. Definitely recommend it."

Martin Alex, LA

"Great Company, Fantastic service! They were able to move all my stuffs to my new location without any damages. They handled every delicate materials with care and extreme caution, everything was intact. Delivery was on time and customers service was friendly and very professional. I can say without reservation that Metropolitan Movers is beyond question the best transport service I have ever used..Highly recommended!"

Annabel Jeffery, LA

"Very professional with their work. They made sure my big screen TV and other expensive equipment was handled with the utmost care; I would definitely use them again!"

Jordan Mohler, LA